Business Negotiation Skills

Business Negotiation Skills


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Business Negotiation Skills

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How much value is your organisation leaving on the table? What opportunities are being missed by people who engage daily in negotiations with their clients, suppliers, peers, bosses and teams? Every year poor and inconsistent negotiating skills and processes can cost major organisations millions of pounds from the bottom line, and significant time and opportunity costs.

Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Do you have a consistent structure, language and approach to managing, and reporting on negotiations?
  • Are your negotiating skills level good enough to deliver on major investments or sales?
  • How much value has been lost through concessions given to external parties unwittingly or under pressure, delays in agreement, under-performing business relationships and internal conflict?

This course provides training in managing business negotiations; how to manage the stages of a negotiation, and gain the outcomes you seek without confrontation.


The content of this course includes:

  • Unit 1: Getting Started
  • Unit 2: Understanding Negotiations
  • Unit 3: The Negotiating Process
  • Unit 4: Communication Skills for Successful Negotiating
  • Unit 5: Preparing for Negotiations
  • Unit 6: Setting the Negotiation Objectives
  • Unit 7: Laying the Groundwork
  • Unit 8: Opening Positions
  • Unit 9: Bargaining
  • Unit 10: Dealing with Challenges
  • Unit 11: Closing the Negotiations
  • Unit 12: Dealing with Difficult People
  • Unit 13: Beyond Negotiations
  • Unit 14: Wrapping-up


Online courses at Inspire Global are IPad, Android and Mobile Phone Compatible, and comprise:

  • Online presentations
  • Online quizzes
  • Online videos
  • Downloadable learning manual / workbooks / templates/ articles (manuals contain between 60 and 100 pages)
  • Continuous Tutor support throughout the course

Suitable For: All Learners

Course Duration: 20 Hours

Course Access Duration: You will have access to your course for 90 days from the date of purchase

Certification: Completion Certificate

Delivery: Online

Resources: Learners manual, additional articles and worksheets

IM Equivalence: 8600-327 – Understanding Negotiation and Networking in an Organisation (1 Credit)



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