Management Coaching and Mentoring

Management Coaching and Mentoring


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Management Coaching and Mentoring

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You will have heard the statement, “People, not capital, are businesses’ most vital asset." There is much truth in this, although it seems to be often forgotten in times of austerity, and cutbacks.

A key attribute of a successful leader is the ability to develop the human capital, the people in your business. Training and formal learning are the traditional routes to team learning. However, as a leader, there are other methods to use including coaching and mentoring.

Coaching can enable your people to reach their true potential for the good of the business and themselves. Coaching provides a blend of thinking for oneself and learning through the experience of others. Coaching leads naturally to greater awareness in your people, and to greater responsibility being taken for their own actions, and a visibly higher level of commitment in the workforce; just the environment required for survival and success for businesses today and in the future.

As a leader, you can actively coach your key people, and locate and develop mentoring programs to help them realise their potential.

This course will give you the skills and knowledge to plan the development of your people, and to begin a process of coaching and mentoring high potential and key staff.


The content of this course comprises:

  • Understanding Coaching
  • The Manager as Coach
  • Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Coaching and Performance
  • Identifying Coaching Needs
  • Providing Career Guidance
  • Developing a coaching program
  • The Manager as Mentor
  • The GROW Model of Coaching
  • The Outcomes Coaching Model
  • Making the Business Case for Coaching
  • Selecting a Management Coach
  • Overcoming Barriers to Coaching
  • Evaluating Coaching Outcomes


Online courses at Inspire Global  are IPad, Android and Mobile Phone Compatible, and comprise:

  • Online presentations
  • Online quizzes
  • Online videos
  • Downloadable learning manual / workbooks / templates/ articles (manuals contain between 60 and 100 pages)
  • Continuous Tutor support throughout the course

Suitable For: Experienced Managers and Team Leaders

Course Duration: 20 Hours

Certification: Certificate of Attainment

Delivery: Online

Resources: Learners manual, planning templates, self-assessment tools, additional articles and worksheets.

ILM Equivalence: 8607-530 Understanding the Skills, Principles and Practice of Effective Management Coaching and Mentoring (5 credits)

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